Position Today’s Investments for Tomorrow’s Expenses

Capitol Retirement Strategies is an independent financial services firm geared towards the specific investment and insurance needs of people over the age of 50.

We understand that a successful retirement plan faces a myriad of obstacles. What if the stock market has another correction? What if your spouse dies suddenly? What if you need long term care? What if you live too long? Any one of these events could leave your retirement plan in ruin. Our goal is to prepare for these possible outcomes to give you the best chance of success, regardless of what happens.

In our experience, most people don’t have a plan in place to deal with all of these events. Instead, they have an uncoordinated mix of investments and insurance. Their “plan” is simply to cross their fingers and hope that everything goes well. Each week on our radio show (WMAL 630AM, Sundays 8AM-9AM) we discuss how make the transition from “hoping” to putting an effective plan in place.

To learn more, feel free to contact us for an appointment, or attend one of our upcoming retirement seminars.

Learn more about retirement strategies at our seminar. We hold the seminar over dinner, so you get both a great meal and incredibly useful information.


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Are you over age 50?
Most of our clients were either retired or within 1-10 years of retirement when The Great Recession of 2008 occurred. This seminar shows you how you can take advantage of volatility, rather than falling victim to it. [See Seminar Schedule]