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At some point in life, most people ask themselves, “Do I have enough money to retire?” If you’re planning on only retiring for a week, then your answer is a definitive “yes.” Unfortunately for your money, today’s generation of retirees can look forward to being retired for over 1,000 weeks!

Capitol Retirement Strategies, LLC was formed to help people prepare for and enjoy those 1000+ weeks that used to be known as the “Golden Years.” We call them the “Financial Freedom Years.” It’s the one time in your life when you get to do what you want, when you want. In a perfect world, there would be enough money coming in each and every month to give you the same peace of mind you had when you were earning a full-time income.

With the incredible volatility we are experiencing, not just in the markets but in the world in general, many people feel that “financial freedom” is some unachievable, idealistic pipe dream. Nothing can be further from the truth.

At Capitol Retirement Strategies, our first job with every new client is to find out exactly what their own vision of financial freedom in retirement really is. From there, we put together and implement a sophisticated and customized retirement plan. This includes strategies that give our clients specific data on how much income they should have as the years go on.

We are very lucky and grateful to have a wonderful group of clients who have put their trust in us to be the purveyors of their retirement plan.

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