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Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

The podcast starts with Steve’s look back at the life and times of Daniel Kahneman.  Who’s Daniel Kahneman (Said everyone with a life and/or hobby)? He’s a psychologist whose theories on human behavior have had a profound effect on the world of finance…Oh, that Daniel...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #110: Play it Again Scam

Nobody wants to be the victim of a financial scam, yet they are becoming more prevalent and exotic every day. The story of one such incident, that Steve relays in this podcast, is fascinating, terrifying and informative all at the same time! Episode 110 of Plan For...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #109: 2024-The Year of Noise

In episode 109 of Plan For Life Now, Steve and Dave give a detailed overview of what happened in the markets in 2023 (Good Stuff) versus what happened in 2022 (Bad Stuff). All of this as a data point for what may occur in 2024. But regardless of market results, their...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #108: Charlie we Hardly Knew Ye

It’s a festive episode for this holiday season, with a lot cool gifts-Like the stock market, the bond market, and the 60/40 portfolio! Also, a special tribute to the late, great Charlie Munger. If you’ve never heard of him, listen and find out about one of money’s...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #107: The World is Unpredictable

Steve and Dave spend the majority of episode 107 reviewing where we are right now as the markets head toward 2024. Steve adds some prescient* insight on bonds: Dave finishes the pod off with some startling reality about Long Term Care, proving once again that life,...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #106: New Federal Long Term Care Insurance Price Hike!

No way to sugarcoat this one- If you own the Federal LTCi plan, you’re looking at another price hike that could be up to 86%. But there will be options to amend your policy to mitigate the cost. Please use this short podcast as a guide on how to deal with this. We...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #105: Fear and Loathing in Retirement?

The show begins with Steve and Dave “waxing poetic”* about the end of summer, and quickly moves into a detailed review of a great column by Michelle Singletary about the emotional fraught of retirement. Then Steve debunks Michael Burry’s latest doom and gloom market...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #104: Scary Financial Scare Tactics

After a quick market recap (and a good one at that!), Steve and Dave get into a detailed discussion about the fine line between how an investment opportunity is advertised on radio and TV* versus how it performs in real life. Before you buy what your favorite media...

Episode #111: RIP Danny K!

Episode #103: Cash on the Sidelines?

This show is full of financial fireworks!* Steve and Dave start off with a discussion of how the markets did for the first half of 2023, then pivot into a back and forth about Artificial Intelligence. They finish with some sophisticated ideas to make your extra cash...

Episode #102: The Psychology of Money

After a brief discussion on the Debt Ceiling debacle, Episode 102 of Plan For Life Now is dedicated to what may be the number one book in “Steve’s Book Club “, The Psychology Of Money by Morgan Housel. There are two definite takeaways from this episode: 1) This book...


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