We all know what a tough year it has been for investors.  Stocks and bonds are both down, inflation is high, and it appears that a recession is imminent.  The video below is my attempt to help investors understand what is going on and make sense of all the volatility.  I call it a deep dive into stocks, bonds, inflation and the economy.  I think this provides you with some perspective and maybe a little comfort in a tough investing environment. 

The video is only 30 minutes long, but if you’d prefer to skip to the sections that interest you, I provided some time stamps below. 

  • What’s going on in the stock market?  1:35
  • What’s going on with the bond market?  4:52
  • How has a 60/40 portfolio performed?  8:55
  • What is going on in the economy?  10:25
  • What was Wall Street predicting going into 2022?  18:30
  • How bad is investor sentiment right now?  21:14
  • What can we learn from past declines about when the market will recover?  23:37

2022_9_25 Market Update from Capitol Retirement Strategies on Vimeo.